What MuleSoft Does

IT Challenges:

Connecting systems have been the largest unsolved problem in IT. Companies spend billion dollars a year trying to connect their application.  The problem is only getting worse as the number of applications data and devices increases the old way of connecting applications by wiring point-to-point code is not sustainable.  it’s expensive and the changes are too numerous and frequent.

What MuleSoft Does:

Mule provides a software platform that connects nearly every technology in a standardized way. MuleSoft does this by first unlocking the data using modern API and then it provides connectivity between those systems and external applications and devices. Mulesoft becomes a bridge to manage and secure the flow of data between all systems in the enterprise.
The MuleSoft any point platform helps to create application network so that IT can shift from being project deliverer to technology enabler allowing teams to discover and self-serve existing API to reuse and move faster.
Developers across the organization can also leverage existing API to create new processes and experiences. Mulesoft sits at the intersection of all the biggest technology forces in the world today and it enables them to connect and work together.

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